What is it?

As a team, we have acquired an expansive knowledge base regarding all the aspects of running a successful robotics team. We realized that this experience not only helps each new generation of our team succeed, but also can be spread to inspire other FTC teams. For many, the aspect of running a team is new territory, and it can become overwhelming. By organizing our experiences and what works best for us, teams are able to start with insight from a team with numerous years of failures and triumphs. It was this notion that sparked the concept of ParaPlex: a schematic to the structure and success of Parallax Robotics. This is the blueprint to everything that makes our team function smoothly, from leadership structure, to public relations, to sub team training.

Team Structure



Internal Operations

external Operations


Parallax university ie. UPax

PaxU??...literally anything else idrk y'all. i tried my best ya know? 4 am me thought this was pure genius but uhh


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