About Us


Our mission is to partner with the Mason High School in order to create an environment in which high school students are able to pursue science, technology, engineering and math careers; and to inspire a culture to engage students in real-world scenarios.


We are a community of middle-school and high-school students from the Cincinnati area.

Our individual talents range from motion-profile programming to 3D printing to graphic design. Learning from each other while honing our own skills, we create innovative technology, host regional tournaments, and advocate STEM wherever we go.

We are FTC World Championship Inspire Award Finalists. We are competitors who build robots that can high-five people.

We are the future.



PowerScout is an original web app, designed for tracking the in-game performance of FTC robots. It's freely accessible to anyone! In fact, we encourage other teams to use it. The more data we're able to compile with the site, the more stats we can provide to the public.

We publish all of the data that our users collect with PowerScout. It's important to know how other teams are performing, so we're making the information accessible to any team that needs it.


The app itself is simple to use — login as a guest with your team number, estimate a robot's score, and then track that robot's performance as an FTC match progresses. You'll receive information on how accurate your guess was, and the full match statistics of the robot based on your input.

The information is useful for several reasons. Most notably, it can be used to scope out the most well-performing teams, and to help determine which teams would be ideal alliance partners.​